Sod Installation

Transform your lawn into a new plush green space. Your new lawn will be ready for full use and enjoyment in a couple of weeks.

Sod is very cost effective, which is a good way to obtain a beautiful looking lawn. Re-seeding may cost you less initially, but the maintenance costs can quickly add up, which eventually will cost you more. Plus, re-seeding can take a whole season or two to produce a full mature lawn.

Why Coose Sod?

  • Sod is very cost effective compared to re-seeding
  • Sod creates an instant plush green lawn
  • Sod turf initially has no weeds
  • Sod is an inexpensive way to add value to your home

Sod Installation

Step 1: Measuring

We will visit your home or jobsite to measure and determine how many square feet of sod is neccesary for your job. We will also determine the amount of preparation that will be neccesary to insure that you have a properly prepared area. This includes determining if the addition of topsoil will be neccesary and estimate how much.

Step 2: Preparation

When contracted to sod or re-sod your lawn, we will prep the area by removing all of the exisitng grass and weeds, add topsoil, if neccesary, and grade the area to give you the best possible soil conditons for the sod installation.

Step 3: Turf Installation

We deliver fresh harvested sod cut that morning to your jobsite. We install the sod with careful consideration of the surrounding walkways and buildings, following gradients and curves to ensure viaual and aesthetically beautiful lines. When we have finished laying the sod, we water and carefully roll the new lawn to ensure good soil to root contact.